Youth Leader Trauma-Informed Training Workshop

In our culture today, junior high and high school students deal with more sexual trauma than most people realize. Many young people have had to deal with the terror of sexual exploitation and do not know how to even begin to heal from these experiences. It's an epidemic that can only be helped by the people who have been placed in leadership over these young men and women.

The HER Campaign is an organization that fights to help women heal from sexual exploitation and support them to move forward into a better future. Partnering with MVMT, Britney Higgs and Anjali Smith have created a trauma training for adults who are youth leaders and school teachers who are pouring into the next generation daily. The goal is to bring awareness to the issue in school's right now and help young leaders to have the tools they need to help students heal from sexual trauma.

Thank you to everyone that came out and made this event a success. We were able to spread awareness to the issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking to representatives that work with hundreds of people throughout our community!

Her Campaign