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Hi guys! Anjali here. If you were to ask me honestly if I was scared about putting my story out there the answer would be heck yes. A thousand times yes. But, I feel the need to share it and I feel like now is the right time. People have been asking me for a while now, “Do you work for the HER Campaign?”, and my answer is always a bit confusing and differing. What I want to say is yes without a shadow of a doubt, but fear stops me. What will people think? This is something I have always struggled with, but no longer am I letting fear of the others people’s opinions and fear of the unknown stop me for following what I want to step into and what I feel like I am being called to be apart of.

Let’s start from the beginning. About a few years ago I got a Facebook message asking me to model for a photoshoot that wanted to promote strong young females. I jumped at the opportunity to do this with my friends and had no idea, how much that “yes” would drastically change the trajectory of my life.


Some time had past and in that time I had gotten married to the man of my prayers, and had continued going to school for Elementary Education. I had started a job working at Biolife Plasma Services part time as well. It was never a job I had intended to stay at, but I enjoyed the environment so well. It was exactly the kind of distraction and crazy work environment I thrive in.


I had seen posts about the Higgs selling their house and it made me curious. I reached out to Britney again and asked her what was going on. We met for coffee and she filled me in on what God had been doing in their life. She also asked me one of the most powerful questions I had been asked, “Will you share your story with me?”. At this point in my journey no one had really asked me that and it was so powerful. We sat for a few hours as I poured my heart about my experiences growing up, being adopted, my relationship with boys, my experience working in the Philippines, mine and Robert’s love story,  and how I found my way to finding out how to step into freedom and truly love myself. You guys, I told all this to pretty much a stranger at the time my entire life. Brit has a way of listening to people, and I mean really listening to people. We continued to meet a few more times as I knew I wanted to be more involved with the HER Campaign, we just didn’t really know what that looked like yet. Until Brit asked I would be interested in being the event planner for the Run for HER 5K they do. I thought to myself well, I’ve never done anything like that but it sounds fun. I agreed. Who would have thought that watching my Dad for years plan and organize events for the MRM would rub off on me but it did. I loved every part of being on the team at the HER Campaign.


I also could no longer turn off the feeling that everyone needs to know what the HER Campaign is doing in the trafficking world. I was broken for it and wanted to help in any way possible. Last December about the same time we had opened the HER Refuge my dad passed away from cancer. This shook me to my core. My dad had devoted his life to helping the homeless community, loving his family tirelessly, and showing me personally how to serve others. It wasn’t till after his death that I truly saw what God has instilled in my heart as well, the true passion for wanting to help others and he had even given me something that my heart broke for.

Now, jumping forward to present day the HER Campaign is a 501c3 Non-Profit and as of last December we opened our first safe house here in Billings. We have had multiple women in the house that have made the choice to step out of a life of trafficking and into a life of freedom. These women are brave and courageous. Part of my role at the HER Campaign is taking care of events bringing awareness to the issue of trafficking, fundraising, coordinating volunteers, and all developmental needs so that Britney and Sammy can really focus on loving these girls well without the stress of everything else.

This being said, as of now I don’t get paid for what I do. I do it because I believe in what the HER Campaign is doing in the fight against sex trafficking in our community and world. But, being a new non-profit is a lot of work. I quit my job last summer in hopes of stepping into a more permanent role at the HER Campaign and to focus on school. Which is why I need your help to get funded. Please consider donating to support the work I do with the HER Campaign and my new journey.

You can help raise support for my role as Development Director of the HER Campaign by going to our donate page and choosing the option “Anjali Smith’ under the allocation choices.

Thank you so much for being a part of my journey, supporting the work that the HER Campaign does, and being a part of helping to bring healing and restoration to victims of sex trafficking.