Our Mission

HER Campaign’s mission is to help women heal, grow, and find purpose. We do this through bringing awareness, building community, and providing opportunity for restoration. Our vision is to show the world there is hope and restoration after a life of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation.  

Human trafficking is an epidemic in our world today, one that has greatly affected our country and the state of Montana. It is also an issue that typically starts in the home. The average age of a victim of sex trafficking is between 13-15 years old. The largest percentage of victims are those who have come from broken homes or parents that struggle with addictions, have been in or are currently in the foster care system, minorities, and/or victims of child sexual abuse.

We believe in equipping a network of local organizations, businesses, ministries, and individuals to take a stand against this illicit industry through prevention for the vulnerable and trauma-informed care for victims of sexual exploitation through our organization and safe house programs.


There is always hope…

"In a dark and hurting world, we have the opportunity as women to be carriers of light and support for our sisters. By walking the path of healing for ourselves, recognizing our worth and true identity, we get to live in a place of overflow where there is an expression of love unconditional, joy abounding and peace that passes all understanding. That is the heart behind the HER Campaign."

— Britney Higgs, President & Founder