Founder (Britney) and Development Director (Anjali) of the HER Campaign are on the Grow Well Podcast to share about growing after Trauma.

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Britney shares the miraculous journey of starting the HER Campaign and what it means to step into healing.

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April 2018

Three years ago, the Higgses founded Her Campaign, a 501 (c)(3) whose mission is to restore victims of sexual exploitation.

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february 2019

As we started to research more we found out that, oh my word, {sex trafficking} is happening right here and we just couldn’t turn a blind eye to it.

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march 2019

With most cases, the abuse starts way before the trafficking happens. Trafficking is a by-product of what has already been done. These girls are vulnerable. They are usually sexually abused by a family member or someone they know and that creates this desperate need for love.

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May 2019

We have huge dreams for the HER Campaign. Our desire is to help women survivors heal, grow and find purpose throughout Montana and beyond. Our dream is to expand to a ranch someday and raise up other individuals to run safe houses through similar home-like environments as the HER Refuge.

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